Poliza Juridica Noticy of Privacy



In POLIZA JURIDICA S.C. Your privacy and trust are very important to us, that is why we apply guidelines, policies and procedures to protect your information. That is why we protect the information by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural protections, training our members and staff in the proper handling of their personal information. In order to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing it. In strict adherence to the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data held by individuals, on July 5, 2010, whose provisions clearly contribute to our objective of protecting your personal data. You can access the content of the law through the portals of the federal government, through the secretariat of government and the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union that have on the Internet whose addresses are: www.ordenjuridico.gob.mx , www.diputados.gob.mx  and www.ifai.gob.mx.  For us the collection of certain personal data is necessary to carry out the intrinsic activities of our activity as a group, real estate and commercial activity and we have the obligation to comply with sufficient legal and security measures to protect your personal data. For the purposes of this privacy notice, POLIZA JURIDICA S.C. indicates as address the one located at: Convento de Acolman Street, number 70-B, Colonia Jardines de Santa Mónica, Tlalnepantla de Baz, Estado de Mexico. Personal data that can be collected. Poliza Juridica S.C. collect the personal data necessary for the formalization of the type of real estate product, lessee or legal policy, that you request or require; in an illustrative, but not limited, Poliza Juridica S. C., may collect your name; home; birthdate; country of birth; nationality; occupation, profession, activity or business of the business to which it is dedicated; telephone numbers; Social Security Number, Federal Registry of Taxpayers, Public Deeds, Constitutive Acts, Public Registry seal etc. It is important to mention that Poliza Juridica S.C. as leasing, sale and legal security real estate entities, regulated by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, you must also obtain the necessary data to comply with the applicable legal provisions regarding prevention and detection of acts, omissions or operations that may favor, provide aid, assistance or cooperation of any kind for the commission of the crimes set forth in articles 139 or 148 Bis of the Federal Criminal Code or that could be located in the cases of Article 400 Bis of the same Code, as well as those foreseen in the Law of Extinction of Domain. Likewise, in the case of leasing products, Poliza Juridica S.C. is obliged to request additional data that allow it to estimate the viability of payment, using an analysis based on quantitative and qualitative information, which allows establishing its economic solvency and capacity to payment. Purposes of the processing of your personal data. The personal data that Poliza Juridica S.C. collect will be used for the operation and registration of the products or services that you had hired, as well as to offer you, where appropriate, other real estate products, tenants, sale or legal security or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, controlling companies, associates, commission agents or companies that make up the companies that make us up and send you promotions of other goods or services related to the aforementioned products. Transfer of personal data: Poliza Juridica S.C., may transfer your personal data to Mexican or foreign third parties that provide necessary services for its proper operation, as well as its affiliates, subsidiaries, controllers, associates, commission agents or companies that make up the company. In these cases, we inform you that Poliza Juridica S.C. will adopt the necessary measures so that people who have access to their personal data comply with the privacy policy of our companies, as well as with the principles of personal data protection established in the Law. The data that will be revealed by the Holder will be all those necessary for the responsible to offer the product, operation or Real Estate service, Tenant or legal security in question. The data processing that will be carried out by the person in charge includes the evaluation, analysis, use, management, use, transfer, disposal, storage, access, and any other analogous, that is necessary so that the person in charge can offer the Owner a product, operation and / or Real Estate, Tenant or legal security service in compliance with their respective corporate purpose. In terms of the applicable regulation, the different companies, entities, affiliated Realtors, entities that make up Poliza Juridica S.C., have an agreement that authorizes them to share the information that any of them collects, forcing them to assume the duty of confidentiality imposed on the entity that the information had been revealed to him initially. On the other hand, the Holder accepts and authorizes the responsible party to transmit to any third party with whom the responsible party has held, or subsequently to hold, a legal or business relationship, the data and information that has been delivered to them. The transfer of data to said third parties will be limited to the fact that they make offers to the Holder regarding the products and services they offer by virtue of their corporate purpose. These third parties will be notified of the content of this privacy notice, so they will be obliged to respect its terms and limitations. The responsible is obliged to treat the data revealed by the Owner with strict confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and its regulations, applying the necessary physical and technological measures in order to to safeguard the integrity of the revealed data. In the event that the Owner wishes to limit the use or disclosure of their data or exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, they may do so as of January 6, 2012, in terms of article 29, sections I, II, III and IV of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data, through its website. www.polizajuridica.com.mx, because by this means you will be notified of any change to this privacy notice. LEGAL POLICY S.C., LEGAL SECURITY REGARDING LEASING. UPDATED AUGUST 20, 2012