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VM Asesores Inmobiliarios



Our activity is essentially real estate and development of architectural projects, between our customers owners of a real estate and our customers buyers or renters of the same.

We give our proprietary clients a professional and excellent real estate consulting service by successfully selling or leasing their property through adequate, sufficient and well planned promotion, based on an appreciation of the commercial value of the property to determine a fair price And competitive, periodic reports of the progress and results of this promotion are given taking care of their patrimony and qualifying the customer buyer or lessee.

To our customer buyers we give you a great consulting service solving your doubts and objections, showing exactly what your tastes and needs meet, negotiating with them and with the owner the offers that we present.

VM Asesores Inmobiliarios is a real estate agent with great prestige in the real estate sector concerned with giving the best service to its owner clients and to its clients buyers or tenants, by means of being trained and we have obtained licenses and certifications both national and international, and we are members of 

We especially manage the city of Leon, Guanajuato, in addition to working at national level with all the real estate exchange of the Mexican Republic referring clients and properties, with companies dedicated and known by us.

VM Asesores Inmobiliarios knows perfectly the properties that are offering and the environment where they are, so you can advise your clients the best way to sell or buy a property.

We like to empathize with people as well as being constructive and enthusiastic people, believing in our products without surrendering easily; We know where we are going, set goals and achieve them.
We like to work as a team and keep in touch with our customers, thanks to the quality of our work.

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We are here to help you market your property at the best price and time in a professional manner.
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