How do we work ?

Looking to sell or rent a property?

Our time, effort and dedication will always be directed to perform with speed, safety and professionalism, the sale or lease of real property that guarantees the best investment in equity and fully satisfying their needs.

How do we do?

  • It determines the actual value of the property according to the owners, supported by a market study and appraisal.
  • Is signed contarto service mediation or authorization to buy or rent the property to promote the commission paid by the owner, is charged only if the operation is performed, the commission is determined together with the owner.
  • Upon mutual agreement, all information is collected, is reviewed with the Notary, to avoid delays that may impair or delay the operation.
  • Calculate the tax payable amounts are reported or the ability to exempt them.
  • We all follow up to get the best proposals, to have interested a deposit is asked to formalize the respective contract, determining at the same time the possible signing in the Notary, as well as the delivery of the property.
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